The kitchen of Marcus Samuelsson brings
the flavors of Manhattan to your table

The multicultural mix of people, lifestyles and food is what makes Manhattan so fantastic. And when it comes to food, Manhattan is definitely the root of lots of unique flavors.

Swedish master chef Marcus Samuelsson, based in New York, has decided to bring Manhattan’s international flavors and cuisine to Scandinavia and combine them with local ingredients to bring you exciting, refreshing taste sensations.

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Kitchen & Table is a Marcus Samuelsson restaurant concept, and restaurants bearing this name will be appearing in major cities in Sweden and Norway in the near future. Find out here when Kitchen & Table will be coming to a city near you! 
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What's up?

Easter Feaster -  Eggs, Eggs, Eggs.. 
On April the 13th, Clarion Hotels yearly egg hunt takes place! 
Easter eggs are placed around our Swedish and Norwegian cities where Kitchen & Table gift cards among other is one of the Easter presents.
Want to eat but not hunt?
March 25th Earth Hour  - A Dinner Journey
During one important night of the year, all nations of the world gather for a common cause.
Let us take you on a Dinner Journey!

 Find out more about current events here!


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